"Wow! More tears. I just finished reading. What a beautiful, raw, honest and loving memoir.
I loved it, I so heard your voice
I had no idea of your struggles
It’s amazing the grace and kindness you carry yourself with"
- Cindy Haan

"I just finished reading this incredible book, my daughter was released from rehab yesterday, It's been another tough journey, so glad I have a different perspective after reading this book. I am going to pass it on to my daughter today, I see wonderful ideas for both her and I on the last pages. Her mental illness has been such a challenge"

"I just finished reading Shift, Oh my God, it is an inspiration to any people going through challenges, we all have something in common."

"Great book! Billy Joel song, "Honesty is such a lonely word"

Richards brings humble candid honesty! This book will still be relevant 5, 10, 20 years from now."

- Curt Pickering

"I just finished reading! my favorite lines are about putting a bottom in your happiness bucket and the outside lampshade on top of our bright light bulb. Brilliantly worded. It should be a movie, thank you for the gift of this book."

- DS

"I have read your book and devoured every word, cried, laughed, frowned and smiled!

The book made me appreciate girlfriends more and my lesson is to be a better friend to mine!"

- T. Steward

"I was able to buy the the book, its an incredible read and story!! Thank you John for letting me know the work of this amazing woman."

- Vickie Wiener

"My daughter's life reminded me of a story I once heard about a man who saw a beautiful butterfly pushing hard against its chrysalis to get out. The man wanted to help the butterfly and took it upon himself to cut open the chrysalis. But wait, the butterfly now had damaged wings and it couldn't fly. In life we need the pain of breaking out of our own chrysalis in order to have strong wings to fly. In other words, parents with scissors should be avoided at all costs."