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More than a self-help book, Shift & Shine is a comforting, and at times humorous, companion for those that face or have faced addiction and suicide in their own lives or in the lives of those they love. 


After surviving an early abusive marriage Deb Richards fled her native England with her life and young daughter for the dream of sunny skies in LA. It was there she met the handsome and successful songwriter Jake, who along with Alan Merrill wrote the famous rock and roll anthem, “I Love Rock and Roll.” Together, they put that dime in the jukebox of life and had a dream marriage balancing Hollywood, famous exes and blended families.  

Deb faced a second nightmare when both her daughter and stepdaughter began to experiment with drugs. In her debut book, Richards shows how one mother’s love and courage shines despite overwhelming odds.  She would need her own lifelines after her husband’s tragic suicide.  Now a life coach, Deb proves that you can always reinvent. You can Shift your thoughts and Shine your light.  


Amazon Review

“My sister has been a drug addict 

for years; in fact she is in jail now. 

I often looked at my parents and thought they enabled her way too much. 

After reading Shift I feel much more compassionate towards them.”

John C. Stenzel

 “Having worked in the behavioral 

health and addiction field for over a

30 years, I strongly encourage treatment professionals to buy this book for enabling family or friends to help them heal despite their addicted loved one.”

Amazon Review


“I have been in and out of rehabs for years; now in my forties, Shift changed my life. For the first time I saw things from behind my Mothers eyes.”

Introducing Deb Richards

An author, life coach and equine therapist, Deb lives in a cottage on two acres in her beloved Santa Barbara with her Westie, Daisy, and her horse, Patron.  In her debut novel, Shift & Shine, Deb recounts her life story for the sole purpose of helping others to forge a path through crippling adversity to emerge stronger and kinder. 

She encourages her readers to "Don't forget to put a bottom in your happiness bucket and turn up your light bulb to maximum!"

Working with Deb

What is it that is keeping you stuck in the past and preventing you from accessing your brightest future?  Ms. Richards 

takes us on a her journey from hardship to freedom by employing her Shift & Shine Method.  Her book, built on years of 

life experience and lessons, will help you overcome your obstacles and keep moving forward to victory in your life..

One-on-one Coaching

Ms. Richards is available for one-on-one coaching.  

Please contact her at deborahshines@gmail.com to 

schedule a session. The first 15 minutes is free.


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